Motorcycle Training Coming Soon

Motorcycle Training Coming Soon

Motorcycle Training Coming Soon

Motorbikes are notoriously one of the most fun and freeing vehicles to drive, and TDA are here to help you start riding as soon as possible! (Don’t worry, it’s just like riding a bike…)

TDA will provide all necessary equipment to if necessary, including helmets and gloves for your safety, but you are welcome to purchase and wear your own. Instructors will not continue with a lesson if you are unable to wear the correct safety gear.

Despite half the wheels, there definitely won’t be half the effort. Similar to learning to drive a car you will need to complete multiple tests to ride a motorcycle. If you already have a Full UK driving licence, you will already have provisional motorcycle entitlement. However, if you do not have a full UK driving licence, you will need to take a CBT course (Compulsory Basic Training). This should cost anywhere from £100-£150.

Once complete you will need to take your theory test. Then there are two options;

If you are aged 17-18, you can take a theory and practical test for a full motorcycle licence, but note that you will be limited to only A1 vehicles (125cc).

If you are 19 or over, or are willing to wait until then, you can take a two-part practical that will result in you being able to drive more powerful vehicles under an A2 licence. You must hold the A2 licence for two years before you can take yet another two-part test for your full A licence.

If you are aged 24 or over, you also have the option of taking just one theory and one practical (two-parts) to gain the full A licence, enabling you to ride any bike you want. Like the UK driving test, you must pass your practical examinations within two years of passing your theory.

We offer training for both the Module 1 and Module 2 tests necessary to gain a full A licence.

MODULE 1: This test is taken in a safe off-road area. You will be asked to showcase your driving skill via a variety of manoeuvres as well as demonstrate safety measures. These include; wheeling the moped/motorbike and using the stand, a slow ride, U-turn, slalom/figure of eight, cornering, emergency stop, hazard avoidance. The test is the shorter of the two, lasting around 20 minutes.

MODULE 2: This test is to be taken on-road. You must pass the Module 1 test before taking the Module 2 test, as well as be prepared to use the same vehicle for both. You will be asked to ride in a public setting with the instructor following behind radioing instructions. Typically, expect to be asked to: complete an eyesight test, answer safety questions, demonstrate safe driving including stopping, angled starts and hill starts, perform 10 minutes of independent driving.

TDA instructors will help you every step of the way, even if you’ve already completed some training with another company. For example, you may have your A1 licence but are now working towards gaining a full A licence. Please inform us of your current status before booking so we can get you passing efficiently.

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