Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Tests


Perhaps you’re unsure if you’re test ready, or you’ve learned with a family member and want a professional opinion on your driving skill, or you simply don’t want to waste your time and money on a test you’re not sure you’re ready for…TDA have you covered.


We offer mock driving tests for current students as well as those who have never learned with us before. Our expert instructors will design the test to feel as authentic as possible, using the same equipment you would see in a real test. The test will last for around 45 minutes, exactly the same as the real thing. However, we will also dedicate extra time to providing valuable feedback and advice surrounding your driving and what we’d recommend for yourself before you take the real driving test.


Much like the real thing, you will be asked to complete;

  • An eyesight test
  • ‘Show Me Tell Me’ questions
  • Independent driving via road signs or SAT-NAV
  • Manoeuvres (bay parking, pulling up on the right, parallel parking)


We suggest telling us the manoeuvres you feel you are least comfortable doing, as we want to ensure that in the worst-case scenario you are asked to do these, you do not feel panicked or like you haven’t had the time to practice.


Mock tests are fantastic for settling your nerves before the real thing, as many do not know what to expect. It will also allow instructors to pin-point your strengths and weaknesses in the weeks coming up towards your test to allow you time to practice. We ask that you book your mock test at least two weeks before the real driving test to ensure you are able to delay or cancel your real test should we feel it is necessary without you losing your money.

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