Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to refuse instruction to anyone who turns up under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or in an unfit state to drive. No refund or re-schedule would be offered

As we are always updating our terms to follow strict guidelines for Covid, we are ensuring that all vehicles are cleaned within the vehicle before every lesson... and taking regular tests to ensure we keep ourselves and everyone else safe

Lesson Duration / Prices / Test Fee
Monday to Friday
1.5-hour lesson £50
2-hour lesson £65
Evening 7pm
1.5 hours £65
Test Fee From £100

Saturday and Sunday & Bank Holidays 
1.5-hour lesson £65
2-hour lesson £75
Test Fee From £125

Lesson Start Times
Your driving instructor will make every effort to meet you at the start of the time booked for your lesson. However, this is dependent upon traffic conditions. You are asked to be prepared to start 10 minutes earlier or later than the time booked. Irrespective of the time of arrival of your driving instructor, the full lesson time will be given. 
Please be aware that instructors may only message you once they arrive. It is not in their duty to call and chase you for your lessons.

Late Arrivals 
Trainee Driving Academy runs to a tight schedule. Arriving 15 minutes late or more for an appointment may result in a lesson being forfeited - Latecomers will not receive extra time at the end of their allotted booking

Should you require to cancel or re-schedule your booking, 48 hours notice must be given, or a loss of fee will be required .

We are unable to refund or re-schedule if you do not give the required notice or if any kind of illness or accident prevents your attendance

Failure to keep a booking without prior notification will automatically result in the loss of a fee for the lesson. 

Terminate Driving Lessons
The instructor reserves all rights should at any time during which time to cancel the lesson as a result of improper due care and attention to instruction given. We have a zero tolerance to bad, Ill mannered behaviour, which could cause danger to the instructor or general public. If at any time there is a safety concern as a result of this, then the lesson will be terminated immediately; this will result in the loss of a fee for the lesson. 

Personal Hygiene
Please make sure your personal hygiene is up to standard. If you have poor hygiene, which includes dirty cloths, cloths that have a oder smell from them, etc... Our instructors have the right to refuse the lesson, which you will still be required to pay for.

Driving Tests
Before your driving instructor can take you to your booked driving test, you must be able to show a competent level of independent driving. So, what we do throughout our company is insure is that you can pass a minimum of 2 mock tests in a row before we can assist you to test. If your instructor is not satisfied with your driving ability, they have the right to refuse to take you to a booked driving test. 

Booking In Advance
It is in your best interest to book lessons 3 or 4 weeks in advance to avoid the disappointment of the times most convenient to you being booked by other pupils.

Please be aware that when block booking, it is advised that you that you use a minimum of 5 within a calendar month to retain all that is being taught.

Payments/Gift Vouchers
Your first payment will need to be a minimum of one lesson ahead. 
All payments should be paid in full before the lesson commences. We accept different methods of payment. Any inquiries do ask your instructor. We also do gift vouchers. The vouchers must be used within 3 months from purchased. If you require any information, please contact the office.

Regarding any check payments, please be aware that we do not accept them on the day. We only accept them in advance to all lessons, as they need to be cleared before lesson commences.

If there are any tickets, fines, or points while on driving lessons, we will hold the driver of the vehicle fully responsible for them, as it is your responsibility to follow guidelines and rules off the road. If you have any questions about this, please ask your instructor or call the office for further information

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